Explore SpeedLane's Features and Business Benefits

Our product is free to try by signing up under our Free Tier. The listing below are all features which could be working for you, automatically.

Centralized Communications

Take the pain out of managing client inquiries.

Bring all of your channels together

Respond to sales leads wherever your prospects are. SpeedLane unifies your email, social, and live chat conversations in one tidy place.

Help customers quickly, in real time, and 1-to-1

Provide customer support from anywhere. Collaborate and coordinate across your whole team. SpeedLane retains your customer’s unique history.

Offer and event tracking at the customer level

The platform automatically keeps records of all activity - think of it as a light weight CRM.

Start the conversation

An onsite chat widget allows you to begin the conversation on your website and extend it to other channels later.

Track customers across devices and time

Our platform allows for you to engage across any device. Every data point is tracked across time in a visual format.

Gauge customer satisfaction

Leverage built-in customer sat metrics like CSAT and NPS to know whether you’re building loyal customers or have areas of opportunity. SpeedLane’s automated feedback loops and customer response templates remove the guesswork.

Marketing Automation

Promoting your business shouldn’t be complicated.

Proactive promotion popups and onsite chat

Prompt your onsite visitors with compelling offers and proactive chat engagement.

Intelligent segmentation & targeting

No spray and pray here. Our dynamic targeting and smart conquest logic puts your audience into the most appropriate campaign.

Advertise to all of your channels at once

Promote your business in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more from a single screen.  Eliminate repetitive copy-pasting of your ad.  Ensure consistent messaging and timing of your posts.

Deploy with a smart campaign builder

Roll-out campaigns effortlessly and utilize simple to deploy templates.

Create powerful workflow experiences

Automate via our Journey Builder against the best experience you can offer your customers. Trigger emails, social posts, or other communications as the customer walks the journey.

Deploy in minutes

Pre-built scenarios and templates provide your audience with a live chat experience, even when you’re not online. Have personal conversations with modern real-time messaging.

Analytics & Reporting

Understand what’s working well, and what’s not.

Beautiful reports, amazing insights

Understanding marketing effectiveness is difficult and hard to monitor. Our reporting tool makes it easy. Know at a glance how you’re performing and how your customers feel.

KPI and target monitoring

Compare your performance to any set of defined targets or KPIs, in real time. We’ll help you understand what to measure, how to measure it, and what it means.

Reporting how you want it

Receive ongoing analysis via dashboards, email reports, in-line analytics, and revenue funnels.

Whats Next

We’re rolling out SpeedLane in phases with more great features coming with every release.


Sometimes you're just not as available or as responsive as your customers would like you to be. Our chatbot system will help by engaging first and looping you into the conversation when a human is needed.

Auto Ad Campaigns

Set your budget and define your creative, we'll handle the rest. Let SpeedLane target, optimize, and deploy your ads to the most effective channels.

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